Servlex news.

Version 0.10.0

December 11, 2015

New release of Servlex, version 0.10.0.

  • supports XSLT and XQuery 3.0
  • upgrades Saxon to, the latest 9.6 release
  • upgrades Calabash to 1.1.1
  • upgrades Tomcat to 8.0.29
  • improves logging integration between the different components
  • supports config parameters in rewrite rules in the web descriptor
  • upgrades all components (EXPath Packaging, EXPath Tools, HTTP Client, etc.)
  • deploy REST endpoint: supports config params, and plain libraries
  • package repo-aware class loader for Tomcat
  • improved documentation on the website

Download servlex-installer-0.10.0.jar or

Version 0.9.2

February 27, 2015

New release of Servlex, version 0.9.2.

This minor version adds support for a single one root webapp (one with no context root), and upgrade Calabash to 1.0.25. The bundled version comes with an xrepo shell script (as it already contains the repo manager JAR files).

Download servlex-installer-0.9.2.jar or

Version 0.9.1

October 24, 2014

New release of Servlex, version 0.9.1.

This minor version only adds support for 2 new properties: org.expath.servlex.saxon.xslt.version and org.expath.servlex.saxon.config.file. It also updates Calabash to version 1.0.17 (including Saxon to version and the EXPath Packaging System to version 0.12.1.

Download servlex-installer-0.9.1.jar or

Version 0.9.0

December 29, 2013

New release of Servlex, version 0.9.0. Download servlex-installer-0.9.0.jar or

A new home

April 8, 2013

Servlex finally has a proper website:!

Version 0.8.0

April 8, 2013

New release of Servlex, version 0.8.0.

The main changes in this version are: new manager console; added new container properties, and new config properties; added optional logging of request body; allow for setting the default charset; upgraded Saxon, Calabash and Tomcat (Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE are now supported); and added more logging, and profiling information.

Download servlex-0.8.0-intaller.jar or

First public draft of webapp

April 1, 2013

Finally, the first version of the EXPath Webapp spec has been released.

Version 0.7.0

February 7, 2013

New release of Servlex, version 0.7.0. First version with an automatic installer, containing Tomcat. Download servlex-0.7.0-intaller.jar or

Version 0.6.0

August, 2011

New release of Servlex, version 0.6.0. Download

Version 0.5.0

March, 2011

New release of Servlex, version 0.5.0. Download

Version 0.4.0

January, 2011

New release of Servlex, version 0.4.0. Download

Version 0.3

October, 2010

New release of Servlex, version 0.3. Download

Version 0.2

September, 2010

New release of Servlex, version 0.2. Download

Version 0.1

August, 2010

First release of Servlex, version 0.1. Download servlex-0.1.war.